In 1990 Patrice Ramim launched his arami collection with Italian weavings renowned worldwide and has been successfully creating timeless elegance ever since. From the very outset he decided against ephemeral fashion trends, since they are subject to the whims of taste. Style, on the other hand, is a value judgement and timeless, a universal language Patrice Ramim commands perfectly.

Patrice Ramim
CEO, Creative Director

CULTURE For centuries fashion has been part of culture; our collections remain true to this claim still today.

DESIGN Subtle, unpretentious elegance is the expression of a superior lifestyle. For Patrice Ramim, discreet luxury underlines the sovereignty of personality.

Our exquisite style represents the essence of classicism, awarded modern, contemporary interpretation by expert craftsmanship and technical perfection.

Love of aestheticism, which endures changes in attitude, is refl ected in the passion for beauty and harmony.

NATURE Cashmere, merino wool, cotton, silk – the best of nature in its noblest form is the cornerstone of Patrice Ramim’s collections. This is the vehicle we use to express our values and create lifestyle.

QUALITY In an ever rapidly changing world, our fashion classics respond to the eternal quest for innovation of the highest quality and long-lasting elegance.

LIFESTYLE The unpretentious elegance of our collections reflects the cosmopolitan lifestyle of people who set the world in motion.

CORPORATE DESIGN We translate the spirit of your enterprise into corporate design perfectly tailored for you. This will endow your team with a feeling of togetherness and your company with unique identity, image and prestige.

Ready-to-wear All the standard sizes are permanently available in our showroom. At your request, our experienced master tailor will adjust the cut to make a perfect fit for you.

Made-to-measure Thanks to the bespoke system we have developed, just one fitting is sufficient to create your made-to-measure size from a wide variety of high-quality Italian cloths and models.

VIP EVENT We can design and organize for your company remarkable VIP fashion events. In an exquisite setting, your guests will gain a backstage view of the fashion world. With a fashion show and intriguing background information, the delightful atmosphere will engage all their senses, generating enthusiasm for fashion culture and opening up new horizons.

GALA For extraordinary and unforgettable moments – a style that evokes emotions

VALUES AND CSR The subtle elegance of our collections reflects the cosmopolitan lifestyle of people who set the world in motion.

In tune with our social responsibility towards human life, the environment and sustainable development, our collections are made exclusively in Europe.

COLLECTIONS Whether ready-to-wear or made-to-measure, whether we come to you or you to us, with our professional support you will save time and resources. The distinctive character of our collections will enable you to wear and combine all our garments for many years to come.

Negar De Martis
Designer and Style Advisor

Hermann-Josef Rollmann
Senior Account Manager

Helga Greiner
Senior Event Manager

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